Routine Inspections Protect Killeen Investment Properties

Protecting the value and condition of your investments is a priority for the team at Shine Residential Management. We want to make sure your tenants are having a pleasant rental experience, we want to make sure your property is in its best condition, and we want to make continual improvements to help it grow in value and potential.

Inspections are a big part of what we do, whether we’re talking about move-in and move-out inspections or mid-lease walk-throughs.

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Detailed Inspection Reports Keep Investors Like You Informed

We spend the time that’s necessary inspecting your rental property so that you don’t have to. You’re not with us during the inspection, but you’re easily able to access all of the information we gather during these check-ins. Expect a detailed inspection report with hundreds of photos.

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Why do you need our inspection reports?

  • Rental property peace of mind

  • Identify maintenance needs

  • Consider improvements


Move-In Inspections

We inspect to protect your property and ensure its longevity. Move-in inspections safeguard your property and provide you with a level of reassurance that we’re happy to provide.
Documenting the condition of your property before a tenant moves in allows us to hold those tenants accountable for any damage that’s done during the lease term. It also gives us the opportunity to make any last minute repairs or upgrades, ensuring the tenancy starts on a positive note and contributes to a great tenant relationship.

Move-Out Inspections

Because we conduct a thorough move-in inspection, our move-out inspections are efficient and straightforward. We use the same inspection checklist that we used during the move-in process. We make sure we’re getting the property back in the same condition that it was, outside of normal and expected wear and tear.
If we’re not getting the property back in the same condition, we document the problems, charge the tenant’s security deposit, and make the necessary repairs. Our inspections are completed in adherence to state and local laws.

Mid-Lease Visits

Those move-in and move-out inspections are automated, detailed, and transparent. You’ll see what we see through our condition reports and communication.
We also want to inspect the property at least once while your tenants are present. This is a great opportunity for some one-on-one time with your residents. We’re looking for potential problems and deferred maintenance issues, but we’re also checking in with your tenants – making sure they’re satisfied even while we hold them accountable to the terms of the lease agreement that we carefully enforce.

What Are We Looking for When We Inspect?

There are different reasons for inspections. Here’s why we’re taking a look around.

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Avoiding Deferred Repairs

Deferred and unreported maintenance is always more expensive than attending to problems right away. Inspections show us what needs attention.

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Looking for Lease Issues

We never expect to find lease violations; our tenants are well-screened and we have good relationships. Inspections allow us to confirm that your tenants are performing as expected.

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Updates and Upgrades

Improvements and minor renovations increase rental property value. Our inspections allow us to identify potential upgrades and updates.

Start Shining with a FREE Rental Analysis.

Whether you just inherited a home in Belton or bought a property near Fort Hood, it’s important to know its rental value. This will help you get the most value out of the rental market and set your expectations clearly.

It will also start you on your journey with Shine. We can show you just how professional and reliable we can be. All you have to do is answer a few questions and we’ll take care of the rest.

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We Specialize In…

Our investors trust our professional and reliable services because we’re experts in the following:.

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Marketing and Showings

Our powerful internet marketing strategies have worldwide reach. This leads to plenty of accompanied, private showings with superior property presentation.

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Tenant Screenings and Placement

We do thorough background checks for all potential tenants. We also evaluate their wants and needs and match them with ideal properties on our availability list.

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Maintenance and Repair Coordination

We always look for the most affordable licensed expert with the most quality service and we never charge you anything on top of their bill.

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Embracing Technology Securely

We provide all our clients with online accounts that only they can access any time, anywhere. This means that you can see all financial details and condition reports whenever you want.

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Areas We Serve
From A – Z

We manage properties throughout Bell and Coryell Counties.

Copperas Cove
Harker Heights

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of properties do you manage?

We exclusively manage single-family homes with leases that last for a year or more. This allows us to focus on properties with stable income from trustworthy tenants.

Within this, there’s a wide range of characteristics. Some homes are inherited from loved ones while others are investments by military personnel. Some places have swimming pools while others allow for pets in the home.

We love taking care of all these rental homes for our clients and their tenants.

Why should I get insurance?

We require our clients to get landlord insurance with Shine Residential Management named in the plan. This will protect you from financial loss due to natural and man-made circumstances. For more information about this, call us on 254-690-7484.

Who pays for maintenance and repairs?

The answer depends on what kind of servicing job it is and its cause. Maintenance to fix or prevent regular wear and tear as well as renovations to the property are generally charged to the owners. We ask for a $500 reserve that will allow us to take care of minor matters without having to inconvenience you. If the damage is caused by the tenant, we’ll charge them for it.

How often do you do inspections?

Whenever possible, we will do a drive-by to inspect your investment property’s exterior. This will help us catch obvious lease violations like unauthorized pets or occupants.

Every six months, we do a more thorough inspection on the interior and exterior of your rental home. We’ll take photographs and provide you with a report that you can see no matter where you are in the world.

If we notice anything amiss during these inspections, we aim to remedy them immediately.

Do you do evictions?

We very rarely have to go through the sad and complicated process of evicting people from their rental home. If we have to do so, we follow all the requirements of the state and resolve the matter in 30-45 days.

Do you profit from maintenance?

We do not profit from any repair or maintenance work done on your property. We coordinate this work for free. When you get the bill from the service provider, you will not see any additional cost from us.

quote icon We recently contracted with Shine Team to manage a home in Harker Heights. The experience has been amazing! Shine Teams attention to detail and truly listening to the concerns and needs of the customer is exceptional. Monique and Kayla have been available every call and email and have made the process easy; they are professional and truly want the best for their customers.

Diane Masullo

quote icon My family came to Shine after utilizing another management company in Killeen for two years, and every day we wish we had done it sooner! Not only did Amber make the transition painless, she made it a pleasure. The process was seamless and they matched us with fitting tenants quickly. Monique has made sure our homes are kept in incredible condition, without nickel and diming us every month- which has been a breath of fresh air! If you’re looking for a company to not just care about your properties, but to care about you, you’ve found them.

Annie Sumrall

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