Shine Provides Exceptional Rental Properties You’ll Love to Call Home

You could be living in one of our single-family homes on a long-term lease.

A Place to Call Home in Central Texas

Whether it’s in Harker Heights, Belton, or Copperas Cove, we have single-family homes for you. We have homes that are ideal for military families as well as civilians looking for long-term leases. Whatever it is you need for your home, we have it. Check out our current availability today.

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We Keep up with the Latest Technology

We have online processes that help you apply for a home, sign a lease, pay your rent, and request a repair.

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We Empower Tenants with Education

When we inform you about the ins and outs of your rental home, you become a better tenant.

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Available Properties

Georgetown, Texas, USA - November 3, 2020: Historic buildings in the commercial area on Main St

Frequently Asked Questions by Our Tenants

Do I have to pay for insurance?

It’s in your best interest to get renters insurance. This will give you peace of mind in case anything happens.

What happens when something needs repairs?

Simply give us a call, send an email, or use our maintenance request form. We’ll get someone to fix the issue immediately

How often will there be an inspection?

We do condition reports every six months, to check the state of your rental home’s exteriors and interiors. We’ll alert you to this beforehand as we’ll be taking photos.

We will also do regular drive-bys to check that everything’s going alright.

Do I have to take care of the pool?

If your rental home comes with a swimming pool, there will be a specialist who comes in to maintain it regularly. In between their visits, you may need to maintain the chemical and water levels, use the vacuuming system, or skim the pool. Don’t worry, we’ll educate you in how to care for this pool.

Of course, you must lock the pool gates and ensure everyone’s safety around the pool.

What happens to the security deposit?

We keep the entirety of your deposit in a safe account for the duration of your occupancy. When you’re ready to leave, we’ll provide you with instructions about cleaning the property and any repairs that it might need. After an inspection, we’ll refund you the deposit, depending on any damage that needs attending to.

Can I have a pet while living in a rental?

Many of our owner-clients are willing to accept pets, so long as they are not on our list of restricted breeds. If your rental home owner approves, they will provide a written authorization for your furry friend and we’ll add a pet clause to your lease.

On your part, you will need to care for your creature and provide a per-pet deposit. This will be refundable based on the property’s condition when you move out.

quote icon We were tenants of a shine property for 3.5 years. They handled everything with great care and responsiveness. I knew any issues would be resolved quickly and professionally. From the time an issue was reported or a question asked, there was constant communication until things were solved.The shine team was always very friendly and eager to help. I would not hesitate to rent or buy a property for them or use them as a management company.

Megan Bryant

quote icon My experience with Shine RM was impeccable. From timely attention to needed repairs to overall customer service, the Shine team delivers above and beyond every time. They fostered a genuine relationship between the tenant and the homeowner that was mutually beneficial to all involved. I highly recommend working with them for all of your residential needs.

Alekcander Zhdanov

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