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Landlords are understandably confused and frustrated by the property management fees they’re often charged. We’ve noticed that a lot of management companies will charge a percentage of the monthly rent plus additional fees for everything from maintenance to rent collection.

At Shine Residential Management, we believe in simple fee structure that doesn’t include any mark-ups or surprise extra charges. We are committed to keeping our professional management services affordable, efficient, and exceptional.

Most importantly, they’re transparent.

When you work with our team, you get more than leasing, management, and maintenance: you get peace of mind that comes with value. We protect your property.

Here’s what you can expect when it comes to the cost of Killeen property management

Killeen Property Management Fees

Every property management company is different, but you can usually expect to pay a one-time leasing fee when a tenant is placed and an ongoing monthly management fee.

These fees cover the normal, day-to-day operations of managing and leasing your property. It covers marketing and screening as well as accounting and tenant relationships. You’ll pay a percentage of your monthly rent to your property managers, and in exchange for that fee you know your rent is coming in consistently and your property is being well-maintained and protected.

Extra Fees in Killeen Property Management

When you come across a management company with an excessively low management fee – be wary. That means you’ll probably pay extra for everything, including maintenance coordination, paperwork, and even your online owner’s portal.

We only have two fees in addition to our already competitive monthly management fee. These are:

  • A biannual inspection fee. We hire a third-party inspection company to walk through the interior and exterior of your property and look for deferred or unreported maintenance issues, as well as any large repairs that may be necessary in the future.
  • Lease renewal fees. We strive to retain good tenants, and the lease renewal fee covers the cost of negotiating the new lease and ensuring your residents are taking good care of your home. We also research the market and implement a rental increase, which does a nice job of offsetting that renewal fee.

These fees are fair and they pay for a valuable service in the management and maintenance of your investment property.

Evictions and Extenuating Circumstances

Evictions are rare with our management team. We invest a lot of time and resources screening tenants carefully, which leads to our low eviction rate.

If something happens and an eviction becomes necessary, most property management companies charge massive fees to owners that are $100 or more per hour for court and legal fees. Shine Residential Management charges nothing for this service. Which makes us the obvious choice compared to other property management companies or hiring your own outside attorney, and we work quickly to return possession of your property to you.

Management feesWe would be happy to tell you more about our management fees or what you can expect to pay in the Killeen property management market. Contact our team at Shine Residential Management for more information.