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Every rental property in Killeen will need routine repairs at some point – even if it’s brand new and even if it’s in excellent condition.

While most owners see maintenance costs as a painful expense, keep in mind that maintaining the condition of your investment is actually smart. It protects the value of your asset and it keeps you from being surprised by larger, more complicated costs later and a well-maintained home attracts the best tenants.

At Shine Residential Management, we don’t make any money off maintenance. We coordinate and schedule repairs and we have outstanding relationships with local vendors and contractors. But we don’t charge anything extra for the work we do to keep your rental property in excellent shape. It’s part of our full-service Killeen property management plan.

Routine and Preventative Maintenance Saves Money

We respond quickly to any tenant requests for maintenance. This accomplishes three important things:

  • It allows us to proactively take care of minor repairs at your home before they become large and expensive disasters.
  • It creates goodwill with residents, allowing us to retain good tenants. Many residents leave their rental property when maintenance issues aren’t taken care of in a timely fashion. We let tenants know that their comfort and security is a priority.
  • It allows us to get inside your property. Not only will we have licensed and insured vendors responding to the problem, we can also make sure everything else is functioning well and in good condition.

Responding promptly and thoroughly to routine maintenance issues saves you money. A leak that’s reported today will not cost a lot to fix. A leak that’s left to become a major plumbing disaster will be far more expensive and take a lot more time.

Tenants have an easy online portal which can be used to request maintenance. It allows us to document what was needed and what was done.

Working with Cost-Effective, High-Quality Vendors

We don’t have our own maintenance company because we don’t believe we should be making money off the work your property needs.

Instead, we work with some of the best third-party vendors and contractors in Killeen and the surrounding area. They provide top quality service to your property so they will continue to earn our business, and they treat tenants and properties with respect and care.

Extra Steps: Upgrades and Updates

Maintaining your home means keeping it safe, habitable, and profitable.

It also means keeping it up to code and attractive to residents. If the same old refrigerator keeps breaking, we’ll recommend replacing it instead of repairing it over and over again. This type of upgrade will make a difference in your maintenance costs and in your ability to attract and retain good tenants.

With older homes, it often makes sense to upgrade flooring, paint, and aesthetics. If you don’t, you’ll find your maintenance costs continue to climb.

Keeping your investment property well-maintained is also an important part of your long term strategy. If you’re planning to sell your property in five years or you want to move back into it in 10 years, you’ll want the home to be in good condition.

Protecting Your Killeen Investment

To effectively protect your property and your finances, we require a $500 owner reserve for maintenance issues. Any repair that would cost more than the $500 will require vendor quotes and authorization.

We’re also aggressive about holding tenants accountable for damage at your property. While it’s your responsibility to maintain the home, tenants are responsible for any damage or repairs that are due to their neglect, abuse, or misuse.

Rental propertyWhen we manage your home, we keep everything in excellent condition, from the HVAC unit to the plumbing to the swimming pools. If you have any questions about rental property maintenance or Killeen property management, please contact us at Shine Residential Management.