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When you work with a Killeen property management company, you should feel comfortable setting high expectations for value and service. It’s important to interview several companies before deciding which to hire. These interviews are a good opportunity to ensure you and your property manager are on the same page in terms of scope of work, communication, and operations. You want your business values to align with their business values, and you also want to be sure you can trust them to deliver what they promise.

Today, we’re talking about what you should expect from your management company. We work with a lot of property investors and landlords who had a bad experience with a property manager, and they’re looking for a higher standard of service.

We like to think we run an efficient and effective property management program in Killeen and the surrounding areas. If any of your expectations aren’t being met by your current management company, we welcome you to give us a call.

Leasing Your Killeen Rental Property

It’s reasonable to expect that your property will be leased quickly. Vacancy kills your profits, and you don’t waant to leave your home unoccupied. The leasing process should include preparing the property for the market. You’ll want your property managers to make recommendations on getting it rent-ready. Because the best properties attract the best tenants, we might make suggestions about small improvements that make a big impact. We may want you to repaint some of the walls that look worn, and we may make recommendations on the landscaping. All of this is to ensure your property rents quickly to good tenants and for the most money possible.

You should also expect a serious and reliable tenant application and screening process. It’s easy to place a tenant, but it takes work to place a good tenant.

Maintaining Your Killeen Rental Property

You should expect your property manager to take care of all routine, emergency, and preventative maintenance at your rental property. However, this should be done to protect the condition of your asset not to make the management company extra money.

We don’t make any money on maintenance – it’s actually a cost for us. We don’t run our own maintenance company. Instead, we have a reliable list of third party vendors who do great work and provide us with volume discounts, which we pass on to you.

Maintenance is always going to be needed at a rental property, no matter how new the home is, and even if it’s in great condition. Keeping your home well-maintained keeps its value high and it also contributes to tenant retention. There are huge benefits to maintaining your home, and we take care of everything from emergency repairs to preventative service calls.

You should expect your management company to make good recommendations on upgrades and updates that may add to your rental value and attract better tenants. This is especially beneficial with older homes that are competing with newer properties on the market.

Communication and Technology: Killeen Property Management

Always expect responsive and accessible communication from your property manager. You shouldn’t be left wondering when a phone call will be returned or an email addressed. Property managers need to communicate openly with you and your residents.

Technology can help, so look for a management company that’s willing to invest in technology. A good property management platform can help with marketing, showings, screenings, online rental payments, and accounting statements.

Effective property management programWe would love the opportunity to talk more about property management expectations and how we can help you rent out your Killeen property. Contact our team at Shine Residential Management.