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The services and value provided by your Killeen property manager will depend on the company you’ve chosen and the types of properties you’re renting out. We work with owners and investors at all levels, and while we understand that every company works a little bit differently, we believe there are three essential services that you shouldn’t have to ask your property manager to help you with. These are the basics of good residential management, and you don’t want to work with any company that doesn’t take care of maintenance, screening, and investment advice.

Here’s what we mean:

Killeen Property Management and Maintenance

Protecting the condition of your investment is one of our most important responsibilities, and we respond with a sense of urgency and stewardship to any routine and emergency repairs. We also conduct interior and exterior inspections biannually to keep up with preventative maintenance and ensure your residents are taking care of the home and following the terms of their lease agreement.

There’s no financial incentive for us to make unnecessary repairs to your home. We don’t have our own maintenance company and we don’t charge you every time we have to schedule a repair or coordinate an inspection. We only work with contractors and vendors we trust and have the proper license required for any work, and we balance the needs of your property with a cost-effective approach to preserving your asset.

We also know that maintenance is important to tenant retention, and we take that seriously.

Your management company should maintain your home, and keep you informed whether you’re right down the street or half a world away. With Shine Residential Management, you’ll always be able to access inspection reports and maintenance invoices through your online portal.

Screening Tenants and Leasing Services

The screening process is a critical step in having a successful and profitable investment experience. Our eviction rate is low and we have excellent relationships in place with our residents. We believe this is due to our rigorous and fair tenant screening process.

Your property manager should make this process simple, efficient, and effective. You want to work with a team that’s invested in technology and understands all local, state, and federal fair housing laws. We will collect applications, discuss qualifying criteria, and then verify all the information the applicant provided. We check credit and income, verify employment, and contact rental references. We have access to national eviction checklists and criminal background histories.

A property manager’s screening process must be consistent, fair, and rigorous. You can expect a property manager to approve or decline a tenant based on the information that’s gathered. If a tenant is approved, your property manager will collect the move-in funds, schedule a move-in condition inspection, and execute the lease.

Providing Sound Investment Advice to Killeen Owners

Good property management is more than finding a tenant, collecting rent, and scheduling repairs.

It’s also about helping you succeed as a real estate investor.

A good Killeen property management company can help you identify investment opportunities and the surrounding communities. The relationship with your property manager should be a partnership, which includes sharing your investment goals. Look for a property manager that can introduce you to new neighborhoods, great investment opportunities, and properties specific to what you’re looking for.

You’ll need to know how much you can expect to earn on a rental property before you buy it. A good property management company will have access to reliable, accurate data that can help you crunch the numbers before you invest. Not only will you get to evaluate the range of potential rental values, you’ll also get to talk about the potential vacancy time that you’ll face. You can discuss any repairs or upgrades that may be necessary before the property is ready for the rental market.

Property managerWe can help you have a better experience, and that’s why we’d like to talk with you. When you’re considering professional Killeen property management, please contact us at Shine Residential Management.