Rent Collection

Our rent collection process allows for tenants to pay via personal check, free online electronic funds transfer from their bank account, cashier’s check, or money order. Our exterior secure drop box allows tenants to drop off payments at their convenience if they don’t wish to pay online or they can visit our office during business hours to hand deliver their payment.  Cash payments are not accepted.

Late payments are reduced due to our frequent reminder system. Tenants are reminded five days before rent is due via email, then if rent isn’t paid on the first, those tenants are sent a late notice daily until rent is paid. If rent still hasn’t been received by the fifth of the month, tenants receive a breach of lease notice via email and a deadline to cure the breach. If rent continues to be unpaid, this is followed up with a series of phone calls and a notice posted inside the door, at which time if rent is not received, formal eviction process will begin. Because of this diligence and our rigorous screening process, our need to evict is very low compared to national averages and rent payments are received on time, allowing for a timely disbursement to rental property owners.