While evictions from our managed properties is rare, sometimes it becomes necessary to evict a resident for various reasons including, but not limited to non-payment, destruction of the premises, illegal activity or chronic disruptions to the community. There is a specific legal process be used to evict a resident; conducting an eviction by blocking residents access to the unit, turning off their power, or removing their belongings without using the legal process is illegal and will result potential legal action taken against the landlord or management company.  Attention to the detail and legal timeline is extremely important to prevent an illegal eviction.

If an eviction is necessary, we will assist you with filing relevant paperwork to initiate and complete the petition and filing of a suit in court for a writ of possession, coordinating with an attorney for legal representation in court as needed, coordinating with law enforcement to remove tenant and tenants possessions from unit, assessing the property's condition and seeking remedy for any damages and treatments needed to restore the property to marketable condition.